Indulge in the refined world of One08 Specialty Coffee, a manifestation of unwavering passion and a persistent commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. Founded by James, a true pundit dedicated to bringing the essence of extraordinary coffee to discerning homes, our brand stands as a pinnacle of quality and sophistication.

A journey born from James' early discovery of his love for coffee in his 20s. As he migrated to Melbourne and immersed himself in the rich coffee culture, James delved into the often-forgotten details that make coffee an art. After a transformative 3-month journey across 14 countries, he unearthed the missing elements in the coffee industry.


This revelation marked the beginning of One08, where James crafted some of the finest coffee destined for freshly sealed bags and delivered straight to your door. One08 Specialty Coffee embodies a commitment to excellence, bringing forth a symphony of flavours curated by a connoisseur who has dedicated himself to the craft.

One08, situated in the vibrant landscape of Queensland, embodies a fusion of creativity and a deep love for coffee. Inspired by James' vision, One08 Specialty Coffees is a testament to his dedication to providing an exceptional coffee experience for professionals and executives who appreciate life's finer aspects.

At One08 Specialty Coffees, we offer a selection of meticulously curated blends, each telling a unique story with every sip. From the bold and robust to the subtle and nuanced, our coffee range caters to diverse palates, providing an exquisite experience for coffee enthusiasts. Elevate your coffee journey with One08 where quality is not just a standard but a commitment to delivering an exceptional cup every time.

 We believe in self improvement, quality, action and balance in all things.

We believe in waking each day and reaching for the possibilities ahead.


Each sip and experience itself.

Crafted for Clarity.